Regardless of your face shape, you can find designer eyewear San Diego has in store for your style to complement your features. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can play up your features with cat-eye sunglasses, aviators, and browline frames. If your face is round, you can wear more square-shaped frames.

Square-faced people should avoid angular frames

Designer eyewear with angular frames is unflattering for square-faced people. Choosing round or oval-shaped glasses are a better choice for square-faced people. These shapes will soften their strong jawlines and add balance to their facial features. A slightly wider frame will also look flattering on square-faced people. Thinner metal frames and colorful plastic frames are also popular choices.

When choosing glasses, always consider your face shape to find the right ones. This will narrow down the options and help you choose the right frames. It is a basic fashion rule that the glasses should contrast with the facial structure. Therefore, if you have a square face, look for tall, rounded frames instead of angular frames. The reason for this is that a juxtaposition will create a better aesthetic and balance.

If you are a heart-shaped person, you should choose frames with a curved frame shape. This will draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Round-faced people should avoid angular frames with a wide bottom rim. A heart-shaped face is widest at the forehead and narrowest at the chin. You can also choose frames with a bottom-heavy style to add width to your face.

Oval faces have it made

If you’ve got an oval face, you’re in luck because you can find the perfect eyewear for your face shape. This shape is known for its petite forehead, high cheekbones, and slim jawline. Oval-shaped faces can be adventurous too, and you can wear a funky pair of cat-eye glasses or a rounded aviator.

If you’re on the fence about trying on new styles, don’t be afraid to try them on and experiment with new styles. Oval faces look amazing in nearly every style, so don’t be afraid to try something bold with your eyewear! A cat-eye frame will compliment your cheekbones and help slim your jawline, while a retro frame will make a fashion statement. Likewise, rectangle frames add structure to your oval face. The frame width should be similar to the width of your face. Avoid traditional aviators, which are too wide around your eyes. They can make your face appear shorter than it is.

There are many designer eyewear styles that suit the oval face shape. Round frames are great for an oval face because they’re playful yet polished. Rashida Jones and John Lennon have both been photographed wearing round eyeglasses. Another great option for women is an aviator. These shapes are often used for sunglasses, but they can also be worn as eyeglasses. Those with an oval-shaped face can wear aviators, too, including Tracey Ellis Ross and Julia Roberts.

Round faces look great with oversized sunglasses

If you have a round face, oversized designer sunglasses can give you a great look. Oversized sunglasses look great on round faces because they are generally wider than their smaller counterparts. But if you’re not sure how to wear them, here are some tips: Try to choose the right frames for your face shape.

If your face is round, choose oversized sunglasses in a frame that is slightly longer than your face. This will elongate your face while adding definition. A frame with a rectangular shape will also give you a more rounded look. Oversized designer sunglasses can also look great on a squarish face.

Oversized frames can help you to look younger. A frame that sits mid-cheek will elongate your face. Alternatively, the cat-eye shape will give you optical width. It will also give you a more youthful look because of its upward swoop. Oversized frames can even conceal crow’s feet and forehead furrows.

Heart-shaped faces look great with walnut-shaped frames

A heart-shaped face has a broad top third and narrow bottom third. To balance out this uneven shape, choose frames with wider bottoms. Choose light-colored frames and opt for rimless styles. You should avoid wearing dark-colored frames with heart-shaped faces.

A heart-shaped face is very easy to identify. The best eyeglasses to wear for this face shape are those with wide bottom lenses and rimless frames. This combination will balance out the wide forehead and deep, narrow chin. For an even more balanced look, consider frames that are a little thicker near the eyebrow.

To choose eyeglass frames for your face shape, take a look in a mirror. Oval faces tend to have a more balanced appearance and are best suited for walnut-shaped frames.