A nursing degree is an exciting and interesting degree course that can start you on a career where no two days are the same. However, it is also a demanding option that can prove stressful. It is essential while studying to find times to unwind, keeping the stress at a manageable level as you progress on the course.

Seek help if necessary

Nursing degrees are rigorous courses that are full of hard work. Generally, nursing students cope well with this, enjoying the satisfaction of meeting the challenges. However, everyday life does not stop for nursing students and it is possible that external factors can add to the stresses, perhaps taking them to an unmanageable stage. If so, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Your course provider will be keen to see you succeed and should have a student support service that can help you through any tricky times.

Students on online courses may fear that this support service is not available to them and struggle on alone, but this should not be the case. Wilkes Passan School of Nursing offers a range of online nursing courses and, as part of them, provides a Student Success Advisor who is there for guidance and support from orientation to graduation.

Form a support network

Beyond your course provider, student nurses should build their own support network. Other student nurses will understand the challenges and it can be hugely helpful to share your worries with those experiencing the same. Family and friends can also provide support, while spending time with them can allow you to unwind so that when you return to your studies, your mind is recharged.

Good time management

A nursing degree is time-consuming, but it is important to factor in some time for yourself. Your time to unwind could be spent on a sport or hobby, a social occasion, yoga, or simply relaxing in front of the TV. Students can often feel guilty about time away from their studies, seeing it as time wasted. However, with good time management, your course does not need you for every waking moment. Instead, some time away can make your study time even more effective.

Don’t forget the basics

Skipping meals and burning the midnight oil every night to study will only add to your stress levels. As nursing is a demanding profession, it is more important than ever that you take care of your own health. A nutritious meal, along with some treats, will provide both a physical and mental boost, while sleep will help restore your energy, making everything seem more manageable.

The great outdoors

Being outside in the fresh air is a known way to reduce stress, so try to factor some outside time into your routine. Exercise can also help, so activities such as running, cycling or outdoor sports can be doubly beneficial. If you’re not a sports fan, simply going for a short walk or taking your lunch outside will help you escape the demands of your course for a while.

Time to unwind is a vital part of stress management and no nursing student should feel guilty about taking some time for self-care. Instead, see it as an essential part of your nursing success.