Female Muscle Growth

Myth and Truth About Female Muscle Growth Training

Myth No 1

It’s a lot of fat, but it’s a misconception that Female muscle Growth Gives you fat.

Fat and muscle are different tissues. Muscle is made up of proteins It is a hard and elastic tissue that makes up the body with the skeleton. Female Muscle Growth dont Gives you Fat.

The body fat of fat meat is a form of energy stored in the flesh. It’s just that the emergency energy source is fat.

When you do Strength training, Make the body elastic and make a line by making the part that comes out more, The part that goes in allows more to go in.

For example, if you diet on a convex stomach and make abs with abs Makes a flat, slim waist on the stomach, and the abdominal line It is elastic and beautifully formed. And fat makes the whole body sag and makes it sloppy without elasticity.

For example, a fat-filled hip is sagging in appearance and not elastic, It looks like an old man’s ass. There is not that much health beauty. However, if you do strength exercises in the chest and hips, Up the saggy chest and saggy hips With the effect of chest volume-up and hip-up, The volume of this area will increase.

It means that it will be transformed into a body full of vitality and health. And the strength exercise on the arm and lower body completes the beautiful arm and lower body line Make sagging arms and saggy legs elastic, Pretty arms, pretty legs, Completes a healthy body.

Compared to the same weight, muscles are much smaller in volume than fat The principle of body building is to increase muscle mass and reduce fat.

So, rather than relying on a scale Measuring body fat percentage and muscle mass It can be said to be a more accurate method of measuring the body. Therefore, strength training is a way to complete a beautiful woman’s body and line. It can be called an essential exercise.

Myth No 2

Misconception that Female muscles turn into fat when you don’t exercise

As mentioned earlier, fat is a mass of body fat and muscle is a mass of protein. The organization is completely wrong. Without strength training, even if the muscle size decreases, It doesn’t turn into fat. And in the case of experienced people who did strength training, If you do it again, the speed of Female muscle growth is very fast.

Female Muscle GrowthAfter about 6 months, you can revert to your previous muscle mass. And because energy is consumed as the muscles move The more muscle mass, the higher the calorie consumption effect, preventing the yo-yo phenomenon.

In addition, even if you eat a lot, it makes you lose weight.

(Increased muscle mass = increased basal metabolism)

A misconception that strength training is better the longer you do it

If you do strength training for a long time, the energy consumption effect will be high.

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A lot of muscle loss will also occur.Also, excessive training (overtraining) decreases physical performance It works as a factor that makes the body tired and reduces Female muscle growth.

Therefore, in the case of beginners, The next day is good enough time to be comfortable It is recommended to finish strength training within 1 hour. Of course, professional bodybuilders and sports athletes work out all day long, In this case, they are already trained in exercise Because I train professionally You can digest such long workout hours without difficulty.

Female Muscle Growth

Myth No 3

Misconception that for Female Muscle Growth Women should do strength exercises with light weights

Female muscle growth is significantly lower than men’s due to the influence of female hormones. Because I am a woman, if I do strength exercises with the thought that I should do it with very light weight,

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You will not notice any significant changes in your body. The key to strength training is the principle of progressive overload.

This breaks the 10 horsepower motor to use 12 horsepower If a person with 50 kg of force lifts 70 kg It is the principle that muscle strength and muscle are increased according to the force of 70kg.

So, when the stagnation phase (the stage where you are adapted to exercise and no longer develops) comes, You need to increase the load and intensity of the exercise.

This principle applies to women as well as men. If there is no change in movement, it becomes a movement that revolves around, Changes in the body also hover in place.

However, doing it with a heavyweight is not the right way to exercise. It is good to have a weight suitable for your physical strength and strength.

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The most effective number of repetitions for Female muscle growth Failure point in 8-12 reps per set (It reaches the limit at the last repetition number and completes 1 set after repetition).

Female Muscle Growth Myth

In the case of women, the first time you try, repeat weight 15 to 20 times. In the advanced stage, it is also necessary to gradually increase the weight and reduce the number of repetitions.

However, as I said earlier, overpayment is also applied to strength training. Female Strength training at moderate weight and moderate exercise intensity This is the best way to exercise.

Exercising at high intensity unconditionally does not work well If you go outside the range of your ability, your efficiency will decrease further, It is important to keep in mind that it can cause injuries and accidents.

Myth No 4

Misconception that your body changes like a man when you do strength training

Female Muscle Growth is not like a man

Through the media and magazines, Looking at female bodyboulders with ragged muscles Many women avoid strength training for fear of changing their bodies like men.

These female bodybuilders have male hormones and Taking special drugs like growth hormone Because special professional training for a long time It is to become a male-like body.

As explained earlier, women are affected by female hormones. You can never be like a man. And even in the case of men, Female muscle growth is fast at the beginning At a certain stage, Female muscle growth becomes slow, There is a stagnation period where there is no change in Female muscle growth.

Even for men, it’s bumpy It’s not easy to make a solid body.

What is strength Muscle Growth for Female

If you do strength training while properly ingesting only protein during general training, Like Hyori Lee and Clara Strength training is what makes the S-line beautiful body.

Making beautiful legs for women (giant set)

This is a giant set consisting of a circuit training (circular exercise) exercise.

Consisting of one set by performing the following four lower body exercises continuously without stopping If the legs are spread narrowly, The pelvic Female muscles Growth and the outer thigh muscles are developed It is effective in making an S line.

If you spread your legs wide, on the contrary, the inside of the thigh is irritated.

Female Muscle Growth on Legs

If you perform a scissor motion at the intersection as if your legs are in position, Because the outside of the pelvis is developed, it is good for making S-line.

If you move the tubing band on your foot and spread your legs left and right, The outside of the pelvis is also developed Effective for making S-line.