If you are feeling serious pain, numbness, or weakness in your arm or leg, it might be due to a herniated disc. Visiting a chiropractic treatment centre is one of the best ways to ensure the proper diagnosis of the problem. However, there are many other things that you should know about a herniated disc. This is because it will help you be aware and gain more knowledge about your body. Mentioned below is everything you should know about the herniated disc.

What is a Herniated Disc? 

A disc is something that is set between the bones of the individuals, vertebrae. They are the ones that are stacked on top of the other to provide support and posture to the body. It has a soft jelly-like substance that makes up the nucleus. It is then surrounded or encompassed with a hard outer layer that is known as the annulus. A herniated disc is when there is a slight slip or a movement of the disc that causes pain and numbness. It occurs when some nucleus makes its way outside through a tear in the annulus. It can even lead to serious problems if one does not visit chiropractic care in time.

What are the Symptoms of Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc most commonly occurs in the lower back. However, there might be some cases where a herniated disc can also occur at the neck. Chiropractic treatment helps a lot in identifying the symptoms of a herniated disc. The signs and symptoms of a herniated disc depend on the location of the disc. The symptoms also vary from person to person. Usually, only one side of the body is affected.

Numbness or Tingling 

The affected nerves of the surrounding area of the lower and upper region of the neck and back produce feelings of numbness or tingling. This is due to the fluctuations and disruptions in the rate of blood flow and other nutritional liquids. 

Arm or Leg Pain 

A person is likely to feel pain on his/her hips, thigh, and calf if the herniated disc has been caused at the lower back. There might be some pain in your foot as well. A person will feel pain on their shoulders and surrounding area if the herniated disc is present in the neck. The pain, however, can spread to the arms as well.


The muscles that are affected by the herniated disc usually weakens. This weakness can cause you the inability to move your arms and other limbs to the full extent. This can also result in dizziness.

What are the Causes of Herniated Disc?

The most common cause of a herniated disc is the gradual wear and tear of the tissues surrounding it causing the disc to slip from its original position. There are other causes as well.

  • Moving or lifting heavy things.
  • Performing exercises that are heavy in nature.
  • Sudden jerk or blow to the lower back or the neck.
  • Injury during an accident.

These causes are extremely common. However, the causes might not be clear every time. This is because the condition of a herniated disc varies from person to person. Seeking help from chiropractic care is a great idea to find probable causes. To find the root cause of the problem, different professionals perform different types of tests and scans. This helps in ensuring the exact location and probable cause of the herniated disc. 

What are the Risk Factors Involved?

There are various reasons through which the risks involved in getting a herniated disc increase. These risks can be commonly easily found out by visiting a chiropractic treatment center. 


People who are suffering from obesity or are above the expected weight of their age and height, are likely to get a herniated disc. This is because the extra body weight causes extra strain on the lower back. 


If there is a history of a herniated disc in the family, future generations are also likely to suffer from it. This is because the genetic composition of a human body is greatly influenced by the parent genes. 


Smoking can affect the amount of oxygen that is regulated in the body. This causes the disc to wear and tear quickly.


Those people whose occupation requires long hours of work and heavy work are more prone to a herniated disc. This is because their lower back is constantly affected by their work.

How to Prevent Herniated Disc?

There are various methods that can help to prevent a herniated disc. Visiting a chiropractic treatment centre is a great way of ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Regular check-ups with doctors can also help you ensure the health of your body. Apart from these, there are various other ways through which you can prevent a herniated disc. 


You should quit smoking. Smoking affects the flow of clean air and nutrition in the body. This allows other harmful substances to reach the important areas of the body. A higher amount of oxygen will be allowed to flow in the body if the person quits smoking. 


A person should always maintain a healthy weight. This avoids unnecessary stress and strain on different parts of the body. More weight puts more strain on the lower back while performing daily activities. To avoid this, one should always maintain an ideal weight.


Performing exercises daily is extremely important. They help to increase the strength of the muscles in the body. They also help in keeping a person healthy and fit.


A person should always maintain an ideal posture. This reduces strain on the neck and the back. This is extremely helpful in avoiding situations like herniated disc along with other strains and sprains.

This is very important information you need to know about a herniated disc. It is a serious problem and can be treated through appropriate measures and treatments. However, one should be extremely careful of his/her posture and daily lifestyle. Getting chiropractic care and visiting the office is a great way to regularly be updated about your health status and avoiding future problems. A herniated disc is an important part of the body and should not be ignored.

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