Are you looking for the best way to do email marketing, then probably you came to the right place.  

Once you read this article completely you will have a good understanding of the email list building concepts and email campaign.  

Before we get into the best practices of email list building, let us have a small overview of the usage of email marketing.  

Let us get started!    

Why Email Marketing?  

In the current digital world, statistics show that more than sixty percent of people check their email before they get into bed. Adding to the above point, in recent times, though the usage of social media has increased, the conversion rate through email marketing stays at the top.  

If you are new to the concept of email marketing, you will have to start with building an email list. Let us look at ways to find emails.    

Email list building – How to find emails? 

When you are building an email list using your website, one of the crucial steps to follow is getting your customer’s permission before capturing their email address.  

Once you get your customer’s consent, you can add them to your database and in the future send them emails about your product, exclusive offers, and festive wishes interestingly and engagingly.  

You need to be careful with your target segment and the associated content. If you send your audience emails randomly, in a span of time, your email will be at the risk of moving to the spam box.  

There is a crucial point you should take note of; buying an email list is not a recommendable one and it is not effective too.  

One of the best ways to build an email list quickly and accurately is by using an email lookup tool like This tool uses big data and a machine-learning algorithm to find emails of your prospects.  

I hope you find this information helpful.  

You should know that subscribers open emails based on two conditions    

  1. Open email based on from address  
  2. Open email based on the subject line      

Set an Email Sending Frequency  

The frequency with which you send emails is another important part of an email marketing campaign. You should schedule your email trigger to customer inbox based on their convenient times.  

Around 78% of prospects unsubscribe from emails due to receiving too many emails from a business. So, make sure to avoid this kind of approach.  

Give a decent interval between your emails.    

Generate Mobile Responsive Emails  

Many customers access their emails through mobiles. So, your email content and access link should be compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.  

The report states that eighty percent of people unsubscribe from a newsletter because of the reason that email is not optimized for mobile devices. So, it is highly recommended to optimize your email template and the landing page for mobile devices.      

Final Thoughts  

If you do not want to miss the opportunity of boosting conversions with email marketing, you need to follow the best practices for your email marketing campaigns.