Air fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets!! Nuclear taste!! Airfryer recommended!!

Air fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets!! Nuclear taste!! Airfryer recommended!!

Chicken is always the truth!

Even in Burger King or McDonald’s

Sometimes I buy chicken nuggets when it’s busy

Thanks to Airfryer these days

I can eat it very deliciously at home.

Today, No-brand’s strongest cost-effective frozen product

Chicken nuggets review.

The price was so inexpensive that I had to go hand.

I ate all of them before, but I bought them again…

There are other kinds of chicken nuggets

I was going to buy it.

Next time, I’ll buy another one and upload it.

So let’s start the review.



This is a picture of the front of the product.

It is 51.68% chicken in 800g .

It is a frozen product, so of course you can keep it frozen.

There is nothing special on the back.

There are nutritional information and HACCP certification.

It doesn’t matter because I’m going to eat it anyway



Airfryer’s capacity is not large

It was appropriate to cook 7 to 8 pieces.

Depending on the capacity of rooms are appropriately adjusted by

I think you can put it in.

(If you spread paper foil during frying,

There is little need to wash the dishes.

I will leave it small)



For fried foods such as meat

A temperature of 180 degrees is suitable .

Even when you fry chicken in real oil

Fry at an oil temperature between about 165-185 degrees Celsius.



When fried primarily

It only returns about 8 minutes .



It’s golden… only

It is still not cooked to the inside.

Even if you turn it around 13 to 15 minutes on one side,

You can’t feel the overall crispness

Because you can’t feel the overall quickness

Turn it over.



Turn over and turn for about 7 minutes .

Even if you rotate it for about 5 minutes,

I like the crispy fried food

Fry it tightly.



If you add your favorite sauce, it’s a gold medal!

Cleaner than ketchup

We recommend mustard sauce.

I didn’t cook it in a frying pan

I’m not sure how it is

When cooking with an airfryer

Depending on the cooking time

There was a slight variation in taste.

What I feel while eating the second leg is

The whole thing must be turned over and fried

It seems to be the most delicious.

I want to eat it quickly, so I cook it for a little over 10 minutes

I had eaten it before, but because of the less-ripe taste

I turned it further.

If it’s less cooked, it tastes like a bit cold Pikachu pork cutlet

It was such a feeling.


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