8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Clothes Even if you want to keep up with the trends and keep up with the latest trends, you need to know which style suits you best, so you can avoid the common mistakes when choosing clothes.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Clothes

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Everyone will love to reveal themselves through clothes and style. We have clothes for every situation for our social life, and as well as finding the perfect outfit for the situation, we are also interested in expressing ourselves in our own style.

The problem is  that we can’t always choose the clothes that best suit our body. You can dress the way you like, but there are a few things you need to know to get as much fashion as you like.

In this article, I’ve summarized 8 mistakes you should avoid when choosing clothes.

1. Leggings that shine or stick

옷을 고를 때 피해야 할 8가지 실수

Over the past few years, leggings have become a common part of fashion. Leggings are comfortable, go well with all types of shoes, can be worn in a variety of styles, and give a casual, casual feel.

However, some leggings are made of materials that allow the underwear to be seen when light is shining Not only is this out of style, it can also look vulgar.

Make sure to buy leggings that are of good quality and the size that suits you.

2. Nudity

In order to have an impressive, beautiful and elegant look, it’s always good to choose pants or skirts with the right neckline and leg exposure in mind. Wearing clothes that are too flashy will ruin your overall style and make it neither real nor attractive.

Remember that it’s always good to leave a little imagination behind.

3. Excessive animal print

옷을 고를 때 피해야 할 8가지 실수

Animal prints are still in fashion and are a good choice for a unique and bold look. Leopard, zebra or snake skin accentuates the body and at the same time adds a bit of enchantment to the style .

The important point is that animal prints should not cover the entire body. If you do this,  it can look vulgar and ruin the overall image.

4. Shiny or shiny stockings

Watch out for fashion! Keep in mind that, while shiny and shiny tights are fashion, they are not the most fashionable. One of the problems is that when you wear these clothes, you tend to highlight all problems with your legs, including arrhythmia and cellulite. 

5. Excessive patterns and designs

옷을 고를 때 피해야 할 8가지 실수

Wearing clothes with too much draping or wrinkles will make your body look  at least twice as big.  Excessive printing, patterns, and floral patterns make the body look bigger and don’t please the eye. 

A good alternative is to wear a patterned top and a monochromatic bottom.

6. Jeans without pockets

Jeans without pockets can look bold. It emphasizes the lower body and sometimes looks very sexy. However, jeans without pockets don’t suit everyone and aren’t  as pretty as traditional jeans with pockets.

7. Tight, short-rise jeans

옷을 고를 때 피해야 할 8가지 실수

Wearing excessively tight, short-rise jeans is not only uncomfortable, but it doesn’t look good.

These clothes may have been in fashion for a long time, but  they are not so stylish and actually take away the voluminous feel of the lower body. 

Also, if you wear such clothes, the “ protruding belly fat” is easy to stand out.

8. Thin enough material to show through

Clothes made of too thin materials even illuminate the underwear, far from being attractive or stylish, and make it look a little vulgar and vulgar.

If you realize you have made the mistakes listed above, be careful in the future. The most important thing in fashion and style is to  be comfortable and confident!


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