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7 Tips On Having a Good Night Sleep For Women Over 40 As far as science is concerned, no one has gone without sleep for longer than a few weeks. The longest recorded case where someone avoided sleep that is presently known is merely 11 days.

That’s not nearly as much as one might expect—especially in some blue-collar communities where stimulants are a regular feature of the local culture. What people don’t consider is that little catnaps tend to take place for those going days without sleep on a regular basis. But complete sleeplessness over a long period of time? So far, 11 days is the limit.

Meanwhile, tests on rats show at a certain period, they die from lack of rest. It’s not the sleeplessness specifically that gets them, but their lack of rest results in demise collaterally. Sleep is all-important. But so is being awake. You should sleep neither too much nor too little. All too often, as we age we sleep too little.

7 Tips On Having a Good Night Sleep For Women Over 40

This is especially true for women over forty, who often have more mature children, community responsibilities, bills to consider, and a looming midlife crisis-fighting their minds for conscious prominence. What do you do with all that? Well, you get strategic. Following are seven tips to help women, specifically those creeping up on middle age, get a more full night’s sleep.

  1. Change Your Diet: Avoid Heartburn
    Tomatoes, beef brisket, carbs, sugars—what do they have in common? Heartburn. Eat wrong too late at night and you’ll wake up with a clenched brow and hot burps. Antacids of varying stripes may help, but they can only do so much. What’s better is being careful not to eat any big meals later than about five in the afternoon, and only snacking sporadically later.
  2. Go To Your Happy Place: Learn To Turn Off Your Mind
    Your mind is going in ten different directions at any time; turning it off is hard. You’ve got to learn not to ruminate on that which is negative to your peace of mind. You need to think about beautiful things, personal blessings, success, and how good you have it.

Keep in mind: some people don’t have time to worry about infidelity, because they can’t even sleep indoors at night. If you’re in a first-world country, and you don’t have to worry about bare-bones subsistence survival every night, whatever you’re dealing with probably isn’t as dire as it feels. That’s easy to imagine, but hard to apply.

So try this: get in the habit of focusing your mind on positive things for a half-hour before you go to bed, and fixate on that which truly moves you in a positive way. This could even influence your dreams positively.

  1. Regularly Exercise At A Level Matching Your Ability
    Nobody likes this one but do it anyway: exercise in a way that makes you sweat thirty minutes a day, six days a week. You’ll be more energetic in the day, and as soon as you hit that mattress you’ll pass right out.
  2. Switch Up Your Mattress To One Designed For Two
    Sometimes your mattress is the issue. Especially if you’re part of a healthy relationship, it can be worthwhile for your peace of mind, mental health, and body rest to secure a specific type of mattress. At this site you can find the best mattress for couples; see if that works for you.
  3. Make The Room Warmer Or Cooler, Depending
    If it’s too cold where you are, warm up the room. If it’s too hot, cool it down. Most women tend to have more issues warming up than cooling down, but every lady is different—especially as bodies change after forty.
  4. Use A Humidifier To Change Air Quality
    The problem you have maybe that there isn’t enough moisture in the room. Waking up parched every night is an indicator of that. A simple $50 to $100 humidifier on the stand by the bed can fix that issue.
  5. Music, White Noise, Or Abject Silence
    Some people like a little TV or music on, others prefer white noise like the surf coming into shore, and others can’t sleep unless things are absolutely silent. Whatever is your preference, lean into it.

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8. Getting More Rest, And Doing So Every Night
When your diet is more conducive to sleep, you sleep better. When you learn not to “sweat the petty stuff”, you’re able to drift off quicker. When you exercise regularly, that helps your body be more energized, and need more sleep quicker. With the right mattress, you’re in a more conducive environment.

Changing your bedroom’s temperature, using white noise, and exploring what a humidifier can do are also solid ways to get more sleep more regularly.

If you’re a woman over forty, these tips can do a lot to help you sleep more fully, more restfully, and more consistently every night. Some of these may work for you, some may not. Try a few of these methods out and see what fits your situation.


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