3 Months Fat Loss Plus Muscles

Go back to beginners. Dieting is a must-have chatter. There is not just a live video. ‘Written Live’ is possible in the space brunch where writing works.


There has been no update for two years, but many readers have come to the survival diet magazine. After writing an uninteresting article such as a platform essay, about 180 out of 200 views per day come from the survival diet. (Thank you.)


Now that I have an excuse, I start again. Beer is part of my life, so I’ll find a way to get rid of it while drinking it.

The goal is ’77kg’.

 As of three months, we have achieved our goal. Muscle gained and fat lost. This is a three-month record.

1) Lunchtime exercise

I was shocked by the sudden weight gain in June. I had to do anything. I pondered various exercises such as swimming and yoga.


If you go to the place where you exercise, half is a success. Both the swimming pool and the yoga field were not accessible. I gave up because I thought it would be difficult to adjust my face because I was doing it for a long time.


We decided to do fitness with good accessibility and pace control. I got a PT two years ago, so I thought I would be able to do it myself if I recalled the moves I learned at that time.


The gym was registered just behind the company. The price of 130,000 won in three months is also good. I also gave sportswear to the locker. I liked the fact that they offered Slinginger socks. It was summer, so I was not satisfied with my socks, so I was satisfied. These minor details impress.


I had to pick a place, so I had to set a time. I went to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The conclusion is lunch. There were many variables in the morning and evening, so it was difficult to go regularly. There was a condition that lunch had to be simplified, but thanks to it, it was possible to have a diet.


Lunchtime exercise has many advantages. Another big advantage is that you don’t have to worry about what to eat and who to eat. (I would like to write about the benefits of the lunch time exercise)


I made my own routine like’Visit the gym behind the company every lunch time’.


2) Cell phones are in lockers


This is a minor but very important principle. The cell phone was put in a locker with only melon playing music. This is possible because there is an airpot. Those who want to exercise or diet should buy an airpot. It is a necessity comparable to ritualism. I bought an airpot and regretted it. ‘Why did you buy the airpot now?’


When you look around the gym, there are people who don’t know whether they’re coming to see their cell phones or to exercise. In particular, if you pick up a cell phone during a break during a weight workout, the break time is infinitely longer. Take a break of 15 seconds or more and rest for at least 1 minute. I don’t think I will come down from the equipment.


You can exercise efficiently without looking at your phone. You only need to rest until your body can move again. The lunchtime exercise must be done within an hour, so time management should be tight. I don’t have time to watch my phone. Let’s put it in the locker.


3) Diet and exercise together


‘Hyeonta’ came after one month of exercise. If you look at the above in-body graph, on July 17, you lost 4kg in weight, but your muscle mass also lost 2kg. It is not a healthy diet. Because of the diet and exercise, muscles also fell out.


When I was approaching 100kg, I missed the pleasure of falling 2-3kg a week. At standard weight, such miracles cannot happen. Rather, the diet was more difficult than those days.


But you can’t eat without thinking. If you eat a lot, you become a muscular pig. 100g of chicken breast was increased to 200-300g. Nuts were also eaten whenever there was a gap.


From this point on, he borrowed the power of medicine. I asked for advice from people who continued to exercise and ate the protein supplement’Sinta 6’+’Extended BCAA’ to prevent muscle loss. Both were delicious, so I waited for the time to take the medicine. The Shinta 6 tastes like jetty, and the extend is like a taste of jjuba.


After increasing protein intake and taking medicine, my muscles began to grow. Some medicine is okay. In 2018, a player who aimed for a professional baseball home run king ate.


4) Weight 80: Aerobic 20


When I had a lot of fat, I maintained a 5:5 ratio, but this time I focused on muscle exercise. When your muscles increase, you become a body that doesn’t have to diet for the time being. Diet is not a lifetime. You can finish it in the short term and build your body. Then you can live comfortably for the rest of the year.


Laxative 80: Focused on the lower body at a ratio of upper body 20. The lower body muscles are the largest in our body and sweat a little. Heart rate rises significantly. The endurance is also good, so you can keep resurrecting. It has the best fuel economy. If you’re not bragging your abs on the beach, your lower body is enough.


I ate less and exercised for 3 months. Achieved the 77kg goal. Now you can eat as much as you like. You shouldn’t eat wheat in both windows