1. Robot cleaner

The robot cleaner is really comfortable.

Nowadays, the technology improves, so if you set a schedule, it will move even if it doesn’t work, go to its place, and charge it alone.

Among them, it is not an advertisement, but I will introduce my own robot cleaner.

Cleaner called Neato D3

It is called the AI ​​and Mapping King. It’s made in the United States, and Xiaomi made it after Neato, but it doesn’t seem to have copied the software. The suction power and mapping ability are excellent, which is very helpful when cleaning.

  1. Dishwasher

Dishwashers have also become common. If you live on a charter, you will need to do a drill, such as table work, but there is also a dishwasher without installation. If the family has become a nuclear family, and is a three-person family, a dishwasher with no installation for three is the perfect choice. It may seem cumbersome to replenish the water, but just pull out the faucet, put it on, and turn it on.

If you just fill it with water, then it will be cleaned more cleanly than a person washes. The reason is that even steam works.

  1. Mop robot cleaner

If you inhale with a robot cleaner, you need to wipe it with a mop. But it is also a job to wipe it with a mop. So the mop robot cleaner came out. I think some of you may be asking if you should buy a hybrid vacuum cleaner, but the hybrid type has a slight pressure on the floor.

So I needed a mop robot to wipe and wipe perfectly with the weight of the mop. That’s how I discovered the product called EveryBot Edge. It’s really clean, and the mop is not too loud, so you can put it back at dawn and fall asleep.