11 Senior Safety Apps You Need , Your senior family members might be causing you anxiety. We get it. It’s not easy caring for a senior, and keeping senior family members safe can feel equivalent to a full-time job. But there are ways to make it easier.

With the following senior safety apps, you can ensure that your family member is as healthy as can be. Alongside having them wear a medical bracelet and keeping a medical alarm system in their home, they’ll put in the work to watch over your senior family members.

11 Senior Safety Apps You Need

  1. Medisafe

Manage all their medications with ease. Medisafe is intuitive, making it easy for seniors to get a grasp of it. Seniors can use the app to track their medications, from seeing when they need to take them to notifying both you and them of when their medications are running low. You can help make sure they always have their medication, never running out — which can be life-threatening, depending on the Rx itself.

  1. PillBoxie

Similar to Medisafe, a senior should know when to take their medication. PillBoxie makes it easy to track their medication schedule. They’ll receive regular alerts, every day, notifying them that they need to take their medication. This makes it easy for seniors with declining mental health to stay on top of their prescriptions.

  1. GoodRx

While it’s important to stay on top of their medication, a senior will equally love getting a discount on their prescription. GoodRx is the place to go for affordable medications. Type in the medication and dosage and look at the market,

searching among 60,000 U.S. pharmacies to determine which price fits their budget. Their primary care physician is bound to have a connection to their service, so they can help when prescribing the medicine to make it easier on both you and the senior you’re caring for.

  1. Skype or Zoom

Staying in touch used to be incredibly difficult when separated by distance. But apps like Skype and Zoom make it easy to see how your senior family member is doing. Set up a video call and check in to regularly communicate.

Best of all, you can check in on their physical condition, looking during the video to see if they’re exhibiting normal behaviors or if any new bruises have shown up since you last talked to them.

  1. WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

Alongside Skype or Zoom, you should also use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with your family. Almost half of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook, so they’re bound to be comfortable using the Messenger function.

It’s a simple way for you and the senior you’re caring for to stay in touch with one another. They can reach out if they’re ever in need of assistance and you can equally message them to see how they’re doing.

  1. Be My Eyes

Losing your vision isn’t easy to deal with. It can feel as if you’re losing most of your capacities. But there is help for those who have trouble seeing.

Be My Eyes connects users with volunteers who will read off whatever the senior’s tablet or smartphone camera is pointed at.

  1. EyeReader

Similar to Be My Eyes, EyeReader is perfect for seniors who are having trouble seeing. The app uses the LED light of your phone or tablet to illuminate text.

When used in public, it can make it far easier to read menus, magazines, signs and more.

  1. Lumosity

Our mental faculties decrease as time goes on. But mental games can keep a senior’s brain feeling fresh, alert and up-to-date. It provides seniors with puzzles, teasers and more to keep their mental acuity sharp.

It’s even recommended for adults to use, especially if they’re inactive, as it’s a great way to sharpen their memory and critical thinking powers.

  1. In Case of Emergency

Accidents happen. Same goes for medical emergencies. If your senior family member has a medical alert device in their home, they should also be sure to have their relevant medical information nearby.

ID bracelets are the most trusted source, as your senior family member can wear the information right on their wrist, carrying it with their body wherever they are. However, if they are ever without their medical alert bracelet, they should have a digital copy of their information nearby.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) can really save a family member in the event that they have a medical emergency. The app allows them to store emergency contacts and information related to prior medical conditions, daily medications, blood type, allergies and more.

That information can be essential in the event of an emergency, as it will allow EMS and doctors to act accordingly, working with prior knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t have.

  1. Senior Safety

While ICE makes it easy for your senior family member to carry their medical information with them wherever they go, the Senior Safety app goes to another level. Caregivers rely on this app for keeping an eye on seniors at all times.

The app contains a GPS tracker and other special features which allow connected users to track the happenings of the senior in their life. That includes notifications whenever a family member uses the app to make an emergency request or instances like:

  • The downloading or uninstalling of apps
  • Long periods of inactivity
  • Identifications of their phone falling
  • GPS tracking, relevant to wandering, as seen in dementia patients

The app can prove especially beneficial with seniors who are technologically illiterate. This way, you can keep an eye on their activities without making them feel as if you’re encroaching on their life.

  1. AARP Now

You don’t have to be an AARP member to make use of their app. The app can be especially useful for seniors, as it provides regular news updates geared towards seniors, written about topics that they’ll find engaging.

This can include demystifying issues like the COVID-19 pandemic to identifying the signs of identity theft. The app can even be synced with others to earn personal rewards that can be used for in-store or online discounts.

Keeping the seniors in your life safe shouldn’t be difficult. Modern apps make it as easy as ever to keep a protective eye on your family members, wherever they are, any time of day.


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