There are some early symptoms that are not easy to be aware of.

To check for pregnancy, women often use a pregnancy test . However, it is difficult to trust 100% because some products are less sensitive and may give inaccurate results .

Many people think that they can notice signs of pregnancy . However, some of the various early pregnancy symptoms are difficult to be aware of, such as implantation spotting or leg cramps .

The British Independent introduced 10 early pregnancy symptoms that everyone should pay attention to .

Have no period

A lack of periods is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy . During the menstrual bleeding is kind to the inner wall of the uterus , usually 3 days ~ 7 lasts days . When you are pregnant, the hormone progesterone is continuously produced, which keeps the lining of the uterus . As a result, you don’t have menstruation .


In early pregnancy, there are cases of cramps in the mother’s legs . This is due to changes in the way the body processes calcium . SM Poly Clinic (SM Polyclinic) seniority contact the majum different from the (Mazumdar) obstetrician is ” the calcium intake of usual food is used to develop the baby’s bones and this and other institutions ,” while ” The results used for mothers their this year should be to reduce the amount of calcium makes bones and muscles weaken , ” he said .

Breast pain

Another common sign of pregnancy is increased breast sensitivity . In addition to the increase in breast pain than usual, the size of the breast may increase , and the veins in the breast may be seen or the nipple color may become dark .


When pregnant, hormonal changes can increase fatigue . It is said that increased levels of estrogen and progesterone lead to increased fatigue .


Morning sickness (Morning sickness) is said to mean that some women suffer nausea . Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day . According to the National Institutes of Health (NHS) , morning sickness can occur six weeks after the last period .


During pregnancy, menstruation does not , sometimes blood may appear . Pregnant women in early pregnancy is about four of the people first and that the rate of bleeding weak people . This is because of implantation blood that occurs when a fertilized egg implants on the inner wall of the uterus .


It is a well-known fact that pregnant women experience changes in taste during pregnancy . May dislike the food was good in the past , it may not like the food was like . Pregnant women can be particularly sensitive to odors, the National Institutes of Health explains .

Mood swings

Pregnant women experience dramatic increases in the hormones estrogen and progesterone . This can lead to mood swings during early pregnancy . Having a baby is also an emotional experience . Hence, hormonal changes and tremendous changes in pregnancy may reveal a variety of emotions .

Frequent urine

Early pregnant women are more likely to urinate frequently . This is because blood flow in the kidneys increases, and the uterus also enlarges and presses against the bladder .

Ozo of pregnancy

Misconception is a symptom of severe vomiting during pregnancy, which occurs in about 1 in 100 pregnant women . Misconception improves over time , but it can also be experienced throughout pregnancy . It is important to consult a doctor for women who experience severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy .